DepreciationWorks® is a database program for fixed assets and financial statement depreciation.

Download the free 30 day trial and explore DepreciationWorks' database integrity and spreadsheet-like ease of use.



  • Is an effective tool for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations having depreciation computations, schedules, financial statement reporting, and fixed asset responsibilities.
  • Installs on local computers and can access its data files on any folder visible in the Windows Explorer, including network hard drives. No software or services need to be installed on the server.
  • Includes book depreciation computations, journal entries, schedules, and reports.
  • Provides an audit trail, reconciles to the books, and serves as a subsidiary ledger for fixed assets.
  • Includes a calendar module for scheduling asset warranties and maintenance, including recurring events and Gantt charts.

With DepreciationWorks:

  • Maintain an unlimited number of companies and an unlimited number of assets.
  • Enter data directly in grids working down rows, as in a spreadsheet.
  • Print monthly journal entries.
  • Reconcile to general ledger control account totals on-screen or with reports.
  • Visually prepare custom reports from printable on-screen grids.
  • Export any report or on-screen grid to various file formats.
  • Roll fiscal years forward with an annual closing.
  • Income tax preparers get short summaries of asset cost to enter into income tax preparation software.
  • Track directly expensed property separately from assets.
  • Data mine all fields with pivot grids that drill down to detail.
  • Calendar warranties, maintenance, registrations, and other renewals for any asset.

DepreciationWorks' benefits exceed spreadsheets'. DepreciationWorks is easier to operate than either Excel® or separate tax depreciation programs. For businesses currently booking income tax depreciation, switching to DepreciationWorks stops surprise depreciation adjustments at the end of the year and makes reconciling the books to tax depreciation unnecessary.

Here is what DepreciationWorks users say:

“DepreciationWorks has a very comprehensive initial set-up. When configured right, your asset management and depreciation calculations are a breeze. We don’t spend half a day’s time, per year, dealing with our fixed assets now. The reporting package is very full and our accountants are very pleased. The system is also helpful in preparing our property tax returns. For the price, it is an absolute value.”
William J. Staunton, CPA, CFO, Clay Lacy Aviation

“DepreciationWorks is comprehensive, and without problems inherent with Excel based programs; data is secure, not subject to unintentional changes such as is the case with spreadsheets. A secure record far superior to any I have worked with in my many years in manufacturing accounting.”
Debbie Jussaume, accounting manager, SRS Medical

“…your software has made my job so much easier, I love it.”
Vickie Jackson, controller, Force Corporation

“Your product is exactly what I needed – cost effective, easy to use, and GAAP only depreciation.”
Len Carmichael, vp finance, Sunnyside Corporation

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