Place an order to obtain an invoice. Mail us a check. Receive the registered version.

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Buy DepreciationWorks® and receive the registered version.

Price: $389.00 multiple user site license - DepreciationWorks may be installed on any number of computers at one business location.

A year’s technical support and updates are included in the price. Maintenance and support of $129.00 will be billed each year thereafter on the anniversary dates of your purchase. Maintenance includes updates and excludes major upgrades.

1. To place an order and obtain an invoice by email, please send an email to The email should include:

  • Purchaser name (first and last) and position.
  • Company name, mailing address, and telephone number.
  • The DepreciationWorks® hardware fingerprint from the trial. See "DepreciationWorks® hardware fingerprint" below.

2. Please send a check payable to DepreciationWorks by regular mail to:

817 W. Hill St.
Silver City, NM 88061

3. We will email a link to the registered version upon receipt of your payment.

DepreciationWorks® hardware fingerprint: Please be sure to email us the DepreciationWorks® hardware fingerprint. The hardware fingerprint is in the Enter Key screen. The Enter Key screen displays when you press the Enter Key button. The Enter Key button is on the Reminder form in the DepreciationWorks trial.

The hardware fingerprint is case sensitive. Highlight it with your mouse and copy and paste it, CTRL + C and CTRL + V, respectively, into your email. The Enter Key screenshot below shows a sample hardware fingerprint.

Enter Key screenshot