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Registered users current on maintenance and support may update to the latest registered version of DepreciationWorks®.

2.15.1(Build 1) May 1, 2015 is the most current version

Check the version in DepreciationWorks by clicking main menu item Help - About.

Important – for DepreciationWorks users who are updating to the current version: After updating to the current version, do NOT use a version earlier than 2.0.11(Build 2) on any computer. Using a version earlier than 2.0.11(Build 2) after updating to version 2.0.11(Build 3) can damage the database.

You must update all DepreciationWorks users to ensure that DepreciationWorks continues to function well. Do not update one user without updating all users.

Update DepreciationWorks by downloading and reinstalling. Download by pressing the “Download Now” button below:

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File: DepreciationWorksRegisteredSetup.exe 24.2 MB • (Updated May 1, 2015 version 2.15.1(Build 1)

To reinstall DepreciationWorks, run DepreciationWorksRegisteredSetup.exe after downloading it.

A password is required to reinstall. To obtain the password please email