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DepreciationWorks® testimonials and representative users

Testimonials from DepreciationWorks Users:

“This one of the very few pieces of software that 'just works.' I never have any problem or issues with it.”
Rich Bowman, accountant, Bennett Supply Company

“DepreciationWorks is comprehensive, and without problems inherent with Excel based programs; data is secure, not subject to unintentional changes such as is the case with spreadsheets. A secure record far superior to any I have worked with in my many years in manufacturing accounting.”
Debbie Jussaume, accounting manager, SRS Medical

“Your product has made our asset management and reporting very efficient; thanks for providing such reliable, comprehensive yet flexible and easy to use software.”
Robert Spires, comptroller, Cheyenne Housing Authority

“…your software has made my job so much easier, I love it.”
Vickie Jackson, controller, Force Corporation

“Your product is exactly what I needed – cost effective, easy to use, and GAAP only depreciation.”
Len Carmichael, vp finance, Sunnyside Corporation

“DepreciationWorks has a very comprehensive initial set-up. When configured right, your asset management and depreciation calculations are a breeze. We don’t spend half a day’s time, per year, dealing with our fixed assets now. The reporting package is very full and our accountants are very pleased. The system is also helpful in preparing our property tax returns. For the price, it is an absolute value.”
William J. Staunton, CPA, CFO, Clay Lacy Aviation

“It’s exactly what I was looking for-very user friendly and once the program is set up you don’t necessarily need someone with all kinds of accounting experience to run the software given some training. Also the ability to enter assets into the future is great. I am looking at this to estimate our depreciation for our five year budget model. I just can’t express what a wonderfully simple product this is and that I don’t have to pay for all the tax calculations that we could care less about.”
Shirley Goodell-Lackey, financial accounting manager, Saint Michael's College

“Thank you very much for always providing such clearly detailed instructions! I really appreciate that your program is always reliably solid.”
Judy Brown, accounting supervisor, D+S Distribution

"I’ve always appreciated the functionality of the program which has simplified much of the yearend depreciation task for my public housing authorities. "
C. Christopher Small, CPA, Jamestown Rhode Island

DepreciationWorks® users include: